After losses on both Team Anthony and Team Laura, last night’s episode featured 13 remaining contestants, with Team Rayce still at full strength. The artists met at the Normande Casino, featured in the X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode’s individual spotlight challenge: choose a card and bring that character to life in an outlandish and quirky way worthy of a Tim Burton film. They must also incorporate the card’s suit into the makeup — picking the joker means the artist gets to pick the suit. Only Regina draws a joker, but we never see her decision to change suits. And their concepts are:

Ben (Jack of Diamonds): An old and decrepit, whimsical yet scary character; Stephanie (King of Diamonds): One diamond that a witch gave him is making him sick; Darla (Jack of Hearts): An advisor to the King of hearts who is secretly in love with the Queen. His face is in a heart shape; Adam (King of Clubs): A king of nightclubs who’s a slick, “rat pack” entertainer; Kelly (Queen of Spades): A judge-like character who decides whether or not someone is executed; Daniel (Queen of Diamonds): Features a jagged cowl. Ruh roh, Daniel has no idea how to do a beauty makeup; Jamie (King of Spades): A big, burly character with a wig in the shape of a spade. Unfortunately she gets a female model so she goes with a larger than life, ridiculous character. Julian (Jack of Clubs): An older advisor to a king of the underworld; Anthony (King of Hearts): A depressed king because the queen of hearts was killed in front of him; Emily (Queen of Hearts): A queen who keeps all the hearts of her victims on a picket fence around her neck; Rob (Jack of Spades): A musketeer-style character with an eye patch sewn into his face; Regina (Joker): A face in the front and in the back with a different expression; Logan (Queen of Clubs): A heavyset queen with clubs designed into the shape of her face.

The guest judge is Robert Stromberg, who won two academy awards as a production designer on “Avatar” and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” and also recently directed his first feature film “Maleficent.” Here’s how the contestants sorted out:

Safe: Kelly, Ben, Regina, Rob, Logan, Stephanie, and Adam

Top Looks: Darla, Emily, Julian

Bottom Looks: Jamie, Anthony, Daniel (all three looks come from Laura’s team!)

Winner: Emily (she deserved it)

Going Home: Daniel


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